Our Mission

At Resurrection Life, we believe God loves North Philadelphia. We believe the citizens of Philadelphia are important to God’s plans, and we strive to share His love with the city. We are planted by Highway.

We are convinced that a faith-based, high quality education will empower and build a community and the church. Our school, Spring Garden Academy, and our partner, Next Generation Ministries, have been helping us take on the challenge one step at a time. We invite you to pray, join, and partner with us in building the Kingdom of God in this community.

Our Core Values:

  • Worship is a lifestyle.
  • Our gatherings celebrate our faith, and worship is woven into everyday living.
  • Prayer is our lifeline to God.
  • We believe we must ask God before making decisions.
  • We fearlessly share God's love that saved us, healed us, and made us new!
  • We train each other to live out the teachings of Christ.
  • Fellowship is honest, loving, and welcoming.
  • Everyone has opportunity to explore, expand, and employ their gifts.